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Facebook Marketing

Brands can leverage Social Media for Segmenting and Targeting their customers to narrowly target audience and create a community of influencers. It is no longer an approach where the audiences are passive listeners but have an expression for the brand by either belonging to a brand community or having interacted with the brand on a Social web.

Audience Segmentation

Brands can segment and target their customers on Facebook by defining their audience and building customer profiles for who their typical customer is. This is possible with the information that is available with the site visits, web behavior, Age group, friends and the conversations on the web.

Customer Profiles

The starting point for building a Customer Profile is to see the behavior displayed by the existing customer and the friends of the existing customers and to arrive at common interests and conversations.

Brand Connect

Engaging content is an important requirement for creating a connect and getting the audiences to like the brand. The content is not aimed at gaining conversions but starting a conversation to foster a dialogue. It begins with capturing the audiences and serving content that can foster a sense of community for the shared interests.

Brands can take it a step forward by personalizing the Social web experience with a content rich Social Web Destination that provides a special experience to the visitors.

The connect can be created with a specific outcome in mind; where you expect your customers to react in a certain way. This can be done by creating Surprise such as “Unveiling a product to a Select Community” on a social media channel. The emotional connect can also be fostered with other similar positive outcomes that foster a connect with the brand.

An engaged customer will interact with the brand that will create a positive Word of Mouth for the Brand with friends and friends of friends.This provides Brands a social graph of passively introducing itself to Friends and followers of friends.

Like is the new referral and it is especially true for brands that have niche clients. This can help brands integrate their efforts in the Social zone with specific targeted events at an offline location that could mean inviting a specific audience for a new launch or inviting a community of influencers such as the bloggers to talk about a specific product.

Liker to a Customer

With the right connect you can get a like, however the conversion of customers on social web takes place with a Value proposition – the reason why a customer should like you, and what it means for the customer.

Oreo has a Facebook Marketing strategy, with 17 Million fans, where the content has been effectively used to engage fans for new product launches. The content is engaging with posts and contests on Facebook pages of fans on a regular basis. The content used is varied and engaging with types of contests and promotion that are customer centric.

Contest for fans

Customer centricity is the key.

It is important to create customer centric and engaging  content

Brands can leverage a community of influencers and their social graph to build an engaged fan following.

Source: Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen, Oreo Facebook posts

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