Content Marketing

 The Content Buzz


Customer centric content can create a connect with a community of fans and followers. It is important to create engaging content for consumers.

The online community with shared interests proves to be a support forum for customers; idea generation resource for new products and provides valuable insights for product and campaign development. The Online community can give insights into who your customers are and can help you build effective  personas of the audience.

Clickable Content

The content needs to be engaging for the online community to interact with and respond to.  It is important that the content is targeted at different segments with a specific persona in mind.  User Generated content has been seen to have a better click through rate than paid advertising.

 Content has to be simple, engaging a relevant for audiences to interact with. The content can be mapped to different stages of the buyer journey or Customer life cycle from activation to repeat purchases. A good example is an app such as the ifood assistant that can recommend recipes  and can become an inherent part of Customer lifestyle.

 Conversations are about audiences

Conversations that customers respond to and engage better are about themselves. Conversations that empower customer’s lifestyle are seen to be more engaging.

A good example of engaging audiences with content that is simple and relevant and empowers conversation is Social Media Examiner blog that provides relevant updates for different Social Media channels. Community with user-generated content are seen to be more engaging and effective than paid advertising.

To foster a community of brand followers it is important to look at access points, channels,conversations that one can engage in, look at recommendations from existing user community and work on a roll-out plan.

Content and Trust in Brands

For Customer advocacy and conversions Trust is a critical success factor. In the buyer decision process a review from the existing users and followers is helpful in buyer decision process.At the same time the right type of content can build trust in brands.

The Content Roadmap

An illustration of a  Content Marketing Plan where you can map the target audience at each stage of the buyer journey.

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