Optimizing Content and Getting Found

Optimized Content Marketing includes optimizing the content through social networks so that the keywords drive organic search and traffic. Optimized Content marketing includes looking at Social Signals in addition to the SEO and Content Marketing where the content is delivered in a relevant way.

In this scenario it is important to produce content with keywords that are searched and also socialize optimized content through social networks to gain business results through the buyer decision journey.

An optimized content marketing plan includes media such as the blogs, press releases, white papers, case studies, product information, fact sheets, reviews and how to guides.

Social Media is an enabler for Content Marketing as the new search tools are devised to factor in Social Sharing and Social links. In addition to the SEO fundamentals, it is important to cross-reference Social Media Marketing elements such as blogs, product fact sheets, whitepapers with organization’s social networking accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter. An important reference checklist for optimizing content on Social Media includes:

– Configuration and cross-referencing of a blog presence and social accounts
– Implementation of social sharing icons through the main website and blog sites
Backlinking from directories and other shared industry resources
– Setting up Google place listings and server details that may affect rankings
It is important to identify a community of interest that can help optimize the impressions and provide a network to be found.

Branding and Positioning to be found

Optimizing your Brand for Google in the offline world requires that it can be found online in Search engines.

To be found online the brand name plays a critical role and has to be seen as dominant for the Search Engines to be ranked in the first page.

There are several pointers to building a strong brand and optimizing content with the right keywords to get ranked by the Search Engines.

Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization

Organic Search and Display Advertising

Another pointer in Optimizing content for the web is the Ad Clicks do not cannibalize the organic search listing. The myth is that if there are paid keywords they will cannibalize the organic search results. On the contrary if the web search gives ads that are corresponding to natural listing in the top rank 50% of the time ad clicks are incremental.

Source – The Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization by Krista LaRiviere,  June 2012;  http://www.marketingprofs.com/chirp/2012/8675/ppc-ads-dont-cannibalize-organic-search-listings-infographics

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