Customer Loyalty and Social Media

With a well-defined target audience,  Social Media campaigns can create loyal customers for the brand. Customers and audiences with similar behavior can be segmented and delivered similar messages based on their interests and demographics.

The community of fans and followers is an audience with affinity for your brand and are interacting in Social Media and online channels. An online community can be nurtured with a dedicated content rich brand page with Interactive tools to create a reward system linked to online activity such as product reviews, Q&A section and referral programs.

With special offers for their loyal customers, brands can create a stronger emotional connect and a loyal customer base. Any new and interactive experience proves to bring in more fans and build loyalty with existing customers.

The top brands a have seen growth in fan engagement and number of fans and brand advocates that have created a multiplier effect on the number of media impressions and the size of fan base for the brand. This is primarily due to the interactive experience in Social Media where the “wins” and “rewards” can be instant as opposed to traditional loyalty programs where the points are accumulated over time.

Customizing Content for Customer Loyalty
1)      The best way to gain insights into your loyal customer base is to understand the buyers’ journey to your website, blog or Facebook page. What is the specific content that brought the customer to explore more about your products, brand or services? Is there a specific need that the product is fulfilling or is it an offer that a customer has responded to?

2)      Personalized rewards and sites that allow for interactive experience are seen as more engaging and the level of emotional connect depends on the problem that is being solved. This reflects in the positioning of the brand and can be reinforced in social media campaigns contests and offers. A great way to engage customers at different stages of relationship with your brand is to customize offers and content for each stage e.g. in the introductory phase there can be offers that create a more engaged customer with shares, likes and entries. while for retention phase the content can be more engaging with gifts and win-back offers.

3)      Depending on the level of relationship with your brand and the content messaging in Social Media can be customized for each stage of Customer Lifecycle from the introductory stage to the retention stage.

4)    Segmentation of users from heavy users to infrequent users can further increase the effectiveness of Loyalty programs by customizing the content for each  of the segments in Social Media and customized brand pages.

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