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Brands in social media create a dialogue with their customers where the customers expression about the brand becomes integral to the brand story.  Brand campaigns with seasonal themes are engaging for all audiences and can be linked to offers, contests and new product launches in social media to create interesting conversations and engage the  online brand community.

Connected Brand Stories

Brand pages featuring customized images and linked brand stories can prove to be an excellent context builder for Seasonal branding. Brand content needs to be linked to the Content Marketing Mission for the brand that can be based on what the desired outcome is.The context can prove effective in helping audiences to create powerful engagement with the brand that could range from building an emotional connect or creating special moments with friends or simply a viral campaign that can increase brand impressions during the sales season.

Brand Content featuring stories about customers and their special moments with the brand can be a great way to connect and create conversations about the brand that can be used to tell the brands’ story the way consumers relate with the brand. Followers of  online brand communities often see brands as an  integral part of many occasions in their lives, and will possibly be a point of conversation in their lives and are often seen as what keeps the online community look forward to yet another occasion of “celebrating togetherness” in addition to enjoying your moment and spreading the brand cheer.

Seasonal Branding

Seasonal branding could include launching special edition products or simply changing the cover photo on the Facebook page and the background of Twitter brand page where simple theme based engagement has been used to connect with the fans and audiences.

The engagement can be through sharing stories and moments that have been made special and a contest that can help choose a winner from the shared stories. The stories can be posted on the Brand’s Facebook timeline, blog or a dedicated brand website. Twitter brand pages could be customized for the Festival season where special offers and preview to sales could be offered to select fans and shoppers.

Event Marketing
With seasonal content  in place Brands can effectively customize the offers for Localized and Mobile media. The brand content needs to be targeted at select interaction points in the buyer journey to maximize conversations and conversions.The events can be an opportunity to integrate brand story with Social Media and Online Marketing prompting audiences to  visit Brand Pages that are centered around Festival Season offers and content.

Images courtesy of Feelart, digital art and Toa55 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net