A Fiction Day !

To engage audiences creatively, Twitter Fiction Festival  is a literary event taking place in more   than twenty countries where the story is being told by the author and the Twitter users have the flexibility to change the story .

An engagement for fiction lovers where the story lines are given through a live Twitter feed and the participation is on Twitter stream with an option to choose the fiction format.

A microblogging event such as Twitter Fiction Festival appealing to those with a liking for storytelling can be the right marketing event for publishing brands to gain insights, strengthen brand positioning , and refine global marketing approach.

A global event with an identified audience that has clear affinity can prove effective for brands advertising to similar profile and generate visits to brand websites and brand pages through association with similar events.

Analyzing the profile of participants, brands can customize the messaging and monitor brand mentions through campaign tracking tools that help measure and analyse the level of engagement and positive mentions about the brand. Global brands can effectively use similar events as an outreach program for the local markets and ascertain the level of influence through campaign measurement tools where brand mentions could be used as a key indicator of influence in the market.

Microblogging and social networking events could also prove to be an effective loyalty building tool and co-creating newer products and campaigns with audience participation  based on insights gained through similar contests and events. Events where audiences are encouraged to participate at a given time can help cross sell, upgrade to new products by displaying products online and reaching new customers with profile based targeting.

It is an excellent example of a social networking program for engaging audiences globally and further generating follows with Tweets as well as increasing brand Influence in Social Media.

Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net