To stream everywhere, Netflix encodes each movie 120 times


Xboxes, (s MSFT) iPads, (s AAPL) connected TVs: Netflix (s NFLX) streams to a lot of different devices. More than 900, to be precise. And many of them have different screen sizes, bitrate requirements and codec support. That’s why Netflix is doing a whole lot of encoding: Each and every movie is encoded in 120 different versions, according to a behind-the-scenes video recently published by the company.

The video was originally made for a job fair, but Netflix shared it this week as part of a blog post that detailed some of the work the company has been doing to streamline the process of getting content ready for consumption via Netflix.

Digital Supply Chain VP Kevin McEntee wrote that the company built a new team to engage with content partners and help them prepare their movies and TV shows for Netflix. As part of that process, Netflix developed a set…

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