5 apps for shaping up your health habits in the new year

Branding with apps in the New Year for groups with similar interests.


If you’re anything like me, you start the new year confident that you can kick your bad habits to the curb, but by February, it’s those grand ambitions for self-improvement that get left behind instead.

Without external support, it can be difficult to stick to resolutions for improving your diet, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly or undertaking any other health-related routine. But a growing set of startups have launched apps to help people modify their behavior by making them more aware of their current routines and connecting them with communities of experts or networks of peers aspiring to achieve similar goals.

And these apps don’t just want to help those who want to lose weight or up their daily activity. They also take a more holistic approach, offering support for people whose goals include things like avoiding caffeine, practicing meditation, improving their posture and more.

Obviously, the apps themselves can only…

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