Customizing Brand Content

Shopping is shifting from an activity that takes place in physical stores or online to a value exchange that can play out in multiple new and novel ways. Since almost anything can be a retail channel, thanks largely to mobile technology, brands must get increasingly creative in where and how they sell their goods.(Source: JWT Spotlights 10 trends for 2013)

Factors influencing Buyer Decision in Retail


Source: PWC Experience Radar

To arrive at the right Brand Content mix, the end-use interaction  needs to be borne in mind. Brand Content can be customized depending on the user interaction with your brand on each device and highlighted accordingly. Display Advertising and Messaging needs to be device specific based on end-use definition.


“Marketers also find value in user profile data, which they can use to better understand their audience, how they’re using the website, what products they like, their offline interests, and who is in their social networks. 77% of consumers want social login as an option to register. Offer it and watch conversion rates grow.”(Source: Best Practices in Online Registration)

Brand Site is seen as a trusted source of information, however contextual content plays an important role.


Design Calls to Action that bring in more Traffic

Make it Large. Larger buttons have more impact. “You want your
button to be large enough to stand out without overwhelming the design,”
writes graphic designer Cameron Chapman.
Highlight the Call to Action with graphics and images that stand out. Contrast it with the background. Connect the copy with the visual elements.
Place it so that it gets maximum attention as per the Eye tracking for the CTA in Brand Content optimized for different devices.
Color of the CTA should be such that it stands out against the background
Add Special Effects so that it gets more attention than the usual text but should not take away from the overall message of the promotion or the offer
Shapes could be used to signify a certain type of offer that the customers expect to see on a regular basis
Multiple Calls To Action. Highlight depending on the attention that needs to be given to an Offer, contest or a Product feature. Text is  important as users pay more attention to text
Copy should include action verbs, numbers, terminology such as insights, answers, why and copy headline should not be more than 150 characters. Avoid Technical Words like Virtualization. Submit and Click here are not effective either.

Always ask yourself “What is the CTA here”

Source: Hub Spot

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