Ten Key Steps to Effective Mobile Marketing


The most popular shopping activity on Mobile devices performed by   57 % Shoppers is looking up store information, while 38 % make a purchase and 49 % compare prices.


The best sellers on Mobile Apps are books, music, videos and electronics.These items should be used as a gateway for promotions. For Retailers selling less frequently purchased items, entice consumers with Mobile only promotions and offers.(Source: The Impact of the Mobile Shopper Kantar Media: Compete) Additionally 4 out of every 5 Mins on mobile is spent on Apps. It is important to look at Best practices for In-line Advertising for your Brand with Apps without being seen as intrusive.

Ten Steps to Increase your Return on Mobile Marketing Efforts

1. Analyze your search results for Mobile Site and the devices. Understand the type of devices that are being used and the User Experience for the same.

2. Look at the key word comparison and check if your Mobile Site is optimized for the keywords that the Mobile user is looking for.

3. Since store information is one of the key customer requirements, it is important to optimize your site with Local information “Furthermore, since one in three mobile searches have location-based intent (for example, finding a nearby business), I’d argue that there is a tremendous opportunity to be had in SEO on mobile devices, particularly for searches with local intent!” Source: SEOMOZ

1. Make sure your Google listing has a 100% score …

2. Include product or service keywords in your listing description – I would also list one or two of the cities or suburbs where your target market lives. As with any content on the internet, be sure not to over use your keywords. Your description should be written for people with an eye for SEO.

3. Encourage your clients to write a review on your Google places listing – Think about it, if you and 10 local competitors all have 100% scores on your listing, which is fast becoming the case, what will Google use to rank order these businesses? The one component of the profile that is open-ended is the review section so in many cases, the business with the most reviews can win the day.

4. Make sure you are listed in your local phone book – I know this sounds counter intuitive but the fact is Google looks to established sources of data to both build their database and check for local business information. If you’re not listed here, it may affect your ability to rank on the first page.

5. Get listed in the other top local directories

Source: Ken Horst, Online Marketing blog, Top Rank

4. Devise your Social Media Strategy to improve the Mobile Customer experience and effectively use Social Media to promote your mobile offers and apps.

Results for Nike sharing App on Twitter with likely consumers who were sharing their
Athletic activities

Over three clicks per outbound Tweet
A doubling of the positive ratings and reviews in the app store for their app
As many downloads from the Twitter campaign as their largest paid channel

5. Optimize your e-mail marketing for mobile with call to action directing mobile users to a mobile site.

6. Improving effectiveness for your Mobile Marketing means effectively using social, search and In-App advertising. Best Practices for In-app Advertising according to a Study conducted by Forrester for TapJoy are:

1. Understand how your Brand fits in the app context in Mobile device usability. Most people use apps sporadically and episodically during the day to fill in little bits of time.Interrupting a moment of entertainment or utility will usually backfire as an advertising opportunity.

2. Mobile Ad Engagement should be designed for a quick engagement such as coupon download and not lengthy processes such as a form sign up.

3. In-app advertising should leverage behavioral data for targeting.

4. Opt-in and Choice advertising Model should optimize engagement as the mobile app usage is highly fragmented.

While advertising in Social on Mobile devices its important to keep the context and content in mind and noticeability of the offer or the App.

“…it’s hard to get people to click on ads that will interrupt their experience, ads attached to inline media will get watched, and, if they are targeted properly, without much annoyance to the viewer. Even better, of course, from the advertising perspective, would be ads that auto-play with sound as you scroll through your tweets, but how to get from the mute Twitter timeline to something more like television?”- Anthony Wing Kosner, Forbes

7. Refine and Measure your keyword strategy to optimize SEO and PPC. PPC ads are a great way to refine your organic keyword strategy. As your long-term organic keyword strategy evolves, test the conversion rate of the words you want to rank for with PPC ads. You’ll get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the organic keywords you’re after, and can fine tune your strategy accordingly. (Source: SEO MOZ).

8. Develop creatives for your ads highlighting the offer, category and a clear call to action with a listing of a store near-by or a phone no. to call. Mobile searchers are looking at transacting within an hour, 70 % prefer location-based content and are unlikely to return after a bad experience. Additionally e-commerce conversion rates highest for PCs followed by tablets and smartphones as mobile conversions happen in offline and a better strategy is to have a lead capture form.

9. Optimize Landing Pages for the Mobile Site to deliver a customized mobile Experience with Clear listing of Stores and Categories that customers are more likely to search for. Encourage review on your site as that improves your google Business pages listing. List deals and offers/ coupons in your landing page so that the customers know where they can find offers on a regular basis.

10. Develop Metrics to measure customer engagement on the mobile site and understand what is driving engagement with your consumers to refine your marketing strategy.

Image courtesy of kibsri at free.digitalphotos.net

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