Real-time Creativity and Responsive Brands

OreoBrands that create real-time are seen as responsive and could be seen as differentiated in a highly cluttered and fragmented social media space.

One of the campaigns that has made news in the realtime marketing space is Target’s  “The Everyday Show”. The Everyday Show showcases tweets in a Show called “Tweet-to-Runway Show” where ramp models read out Tweets  with “Live to Tweet” feature with different Hashtags. To engage the  audiences, the tone and messaging is conversational with a glamorous ramp show and a music score that adds to the effect.

Taking real-time tweeting further and truly being responsive are the brands that tweeted live to the audiences during  power outage at Super Bowl XLVII.

Oreo saw it as an opportunity to extend “Daily twist” which makes the brand relevant in everyday lives of the customer by posting Oreo’s responses to occurrences while being true to its brand promise of keeping the “childhood innocence alive”.


As mentioned in the Forbes article by Jennifer Rooney,

“The instant Super Bowl ad followed Oreo’s 100-day program called “Daily Twist” that began in June and ended on Oct. 2–100 days of real-time posting of Oreo’s responses to what was happening in the news, such as the Mars Rover landing and the anniversary of the ATM.”

“Oreo is a real-time brand, a real-time marketer, and we are a part of our culture and the fabric of our community,” Mann said.

“It is our objective to be as relevant today as we were 100 years ago when we launched. We have a recipe for success and we make sure we protect that and keep that alive for our consumers. We know our role of the brand is about keeping childhood innocence alive–seeing the world through Oreo eyes.”

The other brands that responded real-time with contextual messaging while being relevant and true to the brand promise are Walgreens, Audi, Tide and Calvin Klein.

Brands in a socially connected world can build a real-time outreach and be seen as responsive while being true to the brand promise. Contextual messaging with humor could go a long way in strengthening the bond with the audiences and increasing brand mentions.

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