Advertising Optimization with Programmatic Buying

imageadvtgWith Video and Display Advertising leading the growth in Marketing Spend, Programmatic Buying may be the way forward for brands looking at sharpening insights and optimizing advertising spend.

Programmatic Buying empowers marketers to buy ads in a specific context determining precisely which consumer gets to see what rather than segment based buys. With Programmatic Buying, buyers can reach the right kind of consumer in the right context with the right messaging.

Advantages of Programmatic Buying

1. You pay for only the Consumers you want – Communications Planning can shift from Panel based indices to real-time messaging for true audience delivery

2. Shift from segment-based buying to first party data points to get a real picture of the consumer with click stream data, demographic and behavioral data

3. Potential to evaluate multiple sites and digital properties with hyper-specialized content amenable to higher conversion rates and match them to ideal customer profiles

4. With programmatic buying marketers can deliver campaigns to high performing audiences at scale as it is not limited to one or two attributes based on manual analysis

5. Maximize campaign effect with real-time campaign optimization to achieve maximum lifts and click-through rate while the campaign is running to achieve maximum possible effect at the lowest possible cost

Media Channels that support Programmatic Buying

1. Market Leader YouTube enabled Pre-roll video and in-banner video in 2010-11

2. For Mobile it’s available on mobile-specific exchanges, generic exchanges, sell-side platforms, and networks and publishers offering programmatic-buying options

3. With the launch of Facebook Exchange, Facebook offers programmatic buying inventory

4. Optimizing campaigns across channels with programmatic buying requires, integrating silo campaigns into a cross-channel campaign that optimizes such as combining You Tube with Facebook

Creative, Campaign and Consumer Insights

1. Define your best segments based on demographics including region, lifestyles and interests of the consumers

2. Campaign Insights to understand comparative performance such as the lines, slides, imagery, time of the day channels and the metrics that help in defining the best response rates

3. Creative insights to define best creative for the sub-segment based on customer profiles and high performance campaign execution

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