Five Ways to Humanize your Brand

Social Media has given an all new way for brands to bond with the audiences, which requires your brand design to evolve and create messaging options that are seen as the “voice of the brand”.

1. Brand Design – Brand Design helps you bring your Brand Strategy to life through pictures, words, physical environments and emotional experiences. Brand Designers create the relationship between brands and customers. Brand Design requires translating the experience of a brand into a single concept.”Their value to your business and the strategic brand development process is the direct thoughtful development and design of every interaction point between the business and the customer.”Source : BrandingStrategyinsider – Thomas Dawson

The Coke commercial has been crowd-sourced to create brand experience that is described as “A good fit for Valentine’s Day, this short spot encapsulates the message of love and happiness and clearly articulates the brand’s values, moreover, it gives a young director a chance to display his talent to millions of people.”

2. Audience Centered Engagement – Audience Centered Engagement requires connecting with customers to evoke a response by focusing on interactions to create virality and shareability for your content. This could further mean understanding the likes and favorite medium of engagement as well as frequency of posts, contest and offers that are liked.

3. Transactional Loyalty – Brands with engaged community of fans can promote offers linked to events to promote Loyalty. A recent launch of Amex Sync on Twitter by American Express  with Gift offers and promotions linked to specific categories humanizes the brand with a contextual product design i.e. free home delivery, rewards and other product benefits such as convenience and ease of shopping.

4. Brand Buzz – Give audiences something fun to do. Qualitative responses and emotions can make your brand remarkable and eternal. Engaging within a context creates grater buzz and sharable content.


5. Real-time Brand Content – With social networks and searches in a hyper-local world, Brands with real-time marketing are more recalled and seen as unique. With customers following your brand, content is seen as the customers’ expression for the brand and real-time brand content creates an instant bond with shares and likes.