Five Steps to Promoting your Brand on Twitter


According to a study by Compete, Retail brands with promoted Tweets have better engagement and conversions on their websites.

Twitter users were exposed to Retail Tweets and displayed a higher likelihood to visit the retailer website as well as purchase. The likelihood of purchase increases with the frequency of exposure and the category niche. As the vertical goes from mass appeal to niche, finding and appealing an engaged audience is more impactful.


The control group comprised of heavy internet users and Twitter users and the exposed group was the one exposed to retail tweets from one of the 665 retail sites. The impact of Tweets is more pronounced on purchases as the users arrive with a higher propensity to purchase.


Five Steps to your Brand’s Twitter Strategy

  1. Twitter users tend to follow brands and look forward to receiving offers and participate in contests and Primary Mobile users are more likely to use it while shopping.

twitterusage Source: Twitter

  1. Include Content that is Shareable on Mobile as primary mobile users on Twitter are younger and are likely to favorite and RT content

Twitteeruserscontent Source: Twitter

  1. Advertising with a context and promoting Tweets during a high engagement event creates greater buzz as seen for Oreo’s Super Bowl Tweet.


  1. Create programs that leverage Influencers for your brand effectively to create greater trust and engagement for your brand.


  1. Location-based targeting works effectively to engage users in a certain geography in addition to placement of your Tweets in a timeline or search by advertising within a context. Source: Social Advertising, Wildfire