Five Notable Ways to Redefine Brand Experience

expimageBranding with content that is interactive and promoted in social networks, could mean redefining insights to understand implicit and emotionally charged elements that consumers take away from the total brand experience.

Brands can bring experiences to life with images, interaction and content that reinforces brand values at each stage of the consumer decision-making journey. Of all the Moments of Truth in total brand experience, the ones that make a difference, create bonds among the people who are part of the brand community.

Five Notable Ways to Redefine Brand Experience

1. Create an experience for audiences by encouraging friends of customers to contribute with their experiences with social media tools. This creates greater relevance and an outreach while introducing an offer within a certain context.

KLM – Creating a Social Map

2. Brands make an instant connect by placing humor and interactivity to be distinctive and at the same time resonate with the audiences.


3. Create Messaging that is contextual and relevant as users look forward to a next opportunity to engage with the brand. Given that the younger audiences are on the go and mostly mobile a bite-size content approach may be more effective.


4. With Search and Social Media Management tools, Brands could effectively engage influencers for their brands which could prove to be another interaction point for audience engagement and optimizing brand presence.

Thank You Tweet Influencer

5. Use Social Media to engage consumers by creating experiences in different channels to showcase live events and interactions with the experts or influencers that could be real-time or at a pre-determined time. The content has to be optimized for device usability and preferred social networks.

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