Ten Key Steps to Remarkable Branding by Design

designimgIntegrating user experience design in your branding and marketing requires a fresher look at how consumers interact with your brand and consume content.

“By using UXD, companies can find out how messages are framed and where messages are transmitted and received. The combination creates a measurable context to help us understand how consumers use brands and consume content.”

Ten key steps to guide your branding by design and make it remarkable

1. Start with the customer. Make it simple by reducing the amount of information that people have to deal with and create content that is clear, meaningful and jargon free. Content that can be personalized and is interactive lends to a more meaningful user experience.

2. Focus on what your customers need and want – their primary goal, preferences, interests, pain points and biases.

3. Inspire Delight – make it fun and create personal touches that make it memorable.

Source : MarksandSpencer.com

4. Exhibit Craftsmanship with exceptional quality in every detail with skill and artistry. This requires a design focused approach to every interaction point to create a memorable experience and an emotional connect.

5. Deliver Unique Value by understanding what makes your brand better and different and ensure that it is reflected and extended in the experiences you design and branding.

6. Create  experiences  and content to showcase the design. Design should be integrated to enhance the positioning of the brand and the reason for the specific problem that you are solving.

7. Refine your content and messaging to build on the elements of design that set your brand apart from the competitors and vice versa. If it is the personalized approach or a certain treatment for your audience the same needs to reflect in your design elements, content and positioning for the brand.

8. Create campaigns and content so that the design creates an emotional relationship with people. Great designs begin with solutions to the problems that consumers are facing and find ways to deliver answers in innovative ways with design, the same needs to reflect in your brands logos, creatives and messaging.

9. Integrate  user experience that you are aiming to deliver in the Brand Strategy. Design needs to be Strategic from the outset. For Design to be impactful it needs to be a part of the Brand’s DNA and has to be strategically woven into all interactions with the consumers

10. Identify how your brand will deliver a better value proposition and communicate the same to the right audiences. Use Design to make a difference. “We need to start thinking about how we can use our design tools to encourage people to change. You do that by making ‘doing better’ also be fun, interesting and (importantly) the path of least resistance. And you do it in an encouraging, not controlling, way. Design needs to do that in order to reach a larger audience than just the small group that is socially driven.”

Source : 9 Principles Great Branding Design and Five Design Principles to make a great Customer Experience

Image courtesy of digitalart, freedigitalphotos.net