Five Ways to Dazzle your Brand at Events

1. Launch a Campaign at an Event
Apple launched its new Every Apple TV Ad featured above at the Oscars with apps as the hero and the ad theme being linked to the movies.

2. Create an experience linked to the Event
Google launched a dedicated hub with interesting options such as an app, a Google Now feature that let’s you scan for movies playing near you and a chance to hold the Golden Globe Trophy and host your own Oscar Party at Google Hangouts.


3. Link your Brand to the Event theme by sponsoring exclusive Behind the Scenes moments and promote the sponsored pics by uploading them to the Instagram feed or as a promoted Tweet. Ask Celebs to endorse your brands and create an Eco-system that promotes exposure in Social Media with related content.

4. Promote your brand in Social Media by sponsoring exclusive Red Carpet Moments with Live Blogging.

5. Create a show to feature specific moments or highlights of the Event and promote it with the stream hosted on your website or a partner site with sponsored stories.

Here is an infographic with some interesting examples and ideas for promoting your brand at and post Events.