Eight Ways to Promote your Brand using Vine

vineVine is a Video Marketing App that allows you to promote your brand with six seconds video clips by showcasing your products, reinforcing your brand positioning, creating a prelude to events or engaging your fans and followers with promotions and contests.

Eight Ways to Promote your Brand using Vine

1. Introduce a new trend. This is different from promoting a product feature as you are announcing a trend that may resonate better with your audiences.

2. Introduce a look and feel that makes your brand noticeable. This could be with brand colors, patterns or a mnemonic that could be animated to build brand recall. The Vine below captures the same for Louis Vuitton.

3. Market your Brand by showcasing it at events and creating Vines that can capture the experience. Effectively engage the influencers for your brand to talk about the same.

4. Create animated videos that are engaging for your customers with highlights to spark a deeper connect.

5. Reinforce brand positioning and highlight key features.

6. You can announce a new contest for your brand using vine with a hashtag specific for the promotion and also thank your followers and fans.

7. Create Twitter events to demonstrate product ideas.

8. Effectively showcase Consumer delight as captured in the Vine below with relevant messaging.