Four Ways to Improved Branding with Facebook’s Revamped News Feed

The featurette above summarizes changes in the Facebook’s News Feed that were recently announced.

Here are the Four Ways Brands could use the same for optimizing their presence on Facebook’s News Feed.

1. Greater Visual Impact that requires use of richer images to create a brand experience

Facebook cleaned up its UI to give more space in the central feed for photos. For Brands choosing
ads with images, the images could be bigger and more impactful. This gives luxury brands more space for
imagery that is used more often for glossy magazine ads.

2. Content creation for Brands to be relevant and within the User Consideration Set

Facebook also will start letting users choose between different content-specific feeds.
This could benefit or hurt business Pages and professional publishers depending which feeds
a user frequents.

3. Greater Content Choice which would mean Brands need to create content that is not only relevant but also liked, shared to be visible.

The Pages-only feed is now more prominent, and called “Following”.
Here users will see all the updates from the Pages they Like and the public figures
they’ve subscribed to. This could be a win for Pages and professional content-creating
individuals because before, their followers would only see the best of their updates due
to the way Facebook filters the default news feed.

4. Greater user flexibility that requires brands to match their offering with the preference of the user

On the flip side, there are now areas of Facebook where no Pages or public figures can
show up. The Friends-Only feed could specifically be problematic for businesses and brands. If users choose to frequent that, they could be free to Like Pages to show off their interests or personalize third-party apps, without viewing the feed updates. Users need to choose to visit the feed section for your brands.

The new design gives users more choice and businesses an option to share more content that users like.


Source: Tech Crunch