Brand Advertising Gains Importance in the Online Digital Advertising Mix

channelsadvertisingIn 2013 Brands aim to deploy an even mix of Digital Brand and Direct Response advertising. The preferred channels where the bulk of advertising spend is likely to be is Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising followed by Social.

Nearly three-quarters (70%) of brand marketers plan to increase their use of Social Media in 2013, followed closely by mobile advertising (69%) and video advertising (64%).

In 2013, advertisers project brand ad spending to grow more quickly than direct response. Sixty-three percent of marketers project that the dollars allocated to online brand advertising will grow in 2013, and one in five believes the increase will exceed 20 percent.

Brand Advertising Effectiveness

Although Brand marketers, agencies and media sellers all agree that sales and brand lift are the most appropriate metrics to determine the effectiveness of online brand advertising, the click-through rates continue to be important. While very few respondents identified click-through rates as the primary metric that should be used to measure the effectiveness of digital brand advertising—and many correctly identify that click-through rates are irrelevant to brand advertising—an alarming number (88 percent of brand marketers, 70 percent of agencies and 61 percent of media sellers) still believe click-through rates have some relevance for online brand advertising.

Source: Nielsen 2013 Online Advertising Performance Outlook
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