How do you Optimize Video Advertising for Search

Video advertising continues to be a growth area for Marketing with 64 % of marketers and agencies affirming that they are looking at increasing their investment in Video Advertising, in a report published by Nielsen. Watch the video for branding possibilities with Video Advertising.

Four easy ways to increase your return and optimize your Video Advertising 

Create Video Titles that are popular and engaging

The title of your video is one of the most important factors for search engine optimization because it’s one of the first things Google looks at to determine what the content is about. Consumers often search for topics related to what is entertaining or helpful to them, so create a title that takes this into account.

Create Titles that are simple

While you want to make your title catchy, it should not be misleading, and it should be
straightforward enough that YouTube and Google can effectively index it so that it appears in the search results.

Promote your Videos with Titles enriched with relevant Keywords

To make sure your title is relevant to both your audience and the search engines, it should contain one or two primary keywords (avoid “stuffing” it with too many keywords) that appear early in the title.

Description text should include keywords

YouTube gives you 5,000 characters, or about 800 words of space, to write your description, so use that space to your advantage. When writing your description, keep the most important keyword phrases near the beginning, since the description text that is visible on your video’s page has more value to search engines than text hidden below the “Show More” line.

Choose Relevant Tags

Tags are the keywords and phrases you think people might use to search for your videos, so fill up the tag box with as many keywords as you feel are relevant to your video.

Make Your Videos Public

For best optimization in YouTube’s search, set your privacy settings to “public” and authorize viewer features like commenting, rating, and voting to encourage engagement with your video. User comments and likes can help improve your video’s organic ranking, since YouTube’s algorithm takes the number of views and ratings into account when determining its rank within the search results.
Source: ReachLocal