Branding on YouTube goes Beyond Video Advertising

YouTube users engage with brands mostly to learn about products and services (61%),
keep up with brand-related activities (41%), and provide feedback (23%).

To shorten the path to purchase and translate video views to sales, Google has
introduced a new channel gadget on YouTube that will enable consumer goods brands
to connect consumers directly with retailers throughout the entire YouTube experience.
This new channel gadget will enable shoppers to seamlessly move from browsing how-to videos and featured products to finding which retailers carry them, check availability, compare prices and make a purchase, all with fewer clicks than today.


Unilever has partnered with Google to highlight TRESemmé as the first brand to use this
new YouTube channel gadget to showcase their line of hair care solutions. There is a growing interest for “hair how to” videos on YouTube with millions of users going to YouTube to learn about hairstyles and hair care. By providing hair tutorial videos, tips and tricks, and
interviews with trendsetters, TRESemmé has already generated more than 2.7 million views
on their channel. Through their newly designed channel, TRESemmé can also now connect these consumers with the products they’re watching in the demo videos in a faster more efficient way, shortening the shopping journey

To learn more about setting your own Brand Channel, the infographic explains the steps and specifications for setting up your own Brand Channel.

Youtube infographic

Source : Google Retail Blog & Technorati Digital Influencer Report 2013 &