How do Brands use Online Video as an Effective Marketing Tool ?

Brands with Marketing Strategy focussed around Online Video Advertising could see a lift in Brand Health, according to Millward Brown Report.

The term “online video” describes all ad formats utilizing some form of video; these include videos delivered both in-banner and in-stream. In-banner video may play automatically when it appears on a page, or it may require the viewer to click on it. The auto-play version is more arresting but also causes more disturbance; the viewer controlled version tends to generate longer viewing, but this has to be balanced against the decrease in the number of viewers who will choose to watch the ad.

In-stream video plays automatically; web users are not able to skip it (although this is changing on sites like YouTube). In-stream is typically used as pre-roll before TV episodes and can be more effective than in-banner video because the audience is captive and highly engaged. Made for web works better than customizing TV Ad.

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In-stream video delivers stronger uplifts in awareness and favorability, however both in-stream and in-banner have a similar impact on purchase intent. The chart below examines the best performing campaigns for their impact on brand health.

To deliver better results instream it is important to keep in mind that the creative is refreshed to engage audiences.

While longer ads will cost more, they are also more likely to generate awareness and persuasion. However, there are relatively few media placements online where consumers will tolerate long video ads, so brands should mostly seek to condense messaging into formats shorter than 30 seconds to enable maximum online portability and reach.

Ads that are longer have a positive impact on Aided Brand Awareness,Message Association, Brand Favorability and Purchase Intent.

Companion Banners tend to improve Online Video Advertising Effectiveness Campaigns that combine online video and display deliver the strongest brand impact.

Engaging with Online Video

Online video ads need to engage within the first few seconds. And since many digital video ads are not watched through to the end, early branding is also recommended. In order to convey a more complete brand “story,” two techniques may be useful: sequencing and telescoping.

Sequencing conveys a storyline in short installments over a number of exposures.

Telescoping uses one short segment to pique the interest of users and then offers them the chance to continue viewing a longer video on the brand’s web site.

Source:  Millward Brown

Video Courtesy of YouTube Channel