Key Steps to an Effective Video Content Marketing Strategy

You Tube Ads, Video SEO, Social Media Outreach, You Tube Channel Management, Website Embedding and developing the right Content Mix are key to optimizing your Brand presence with an Effective Video Content Marketing Strategy. Social Media Outreach gives Better Search Rankings and improves visibility. Approximately 50 % of You Tube Video views are generated by external sites.


Key Steps to an Effective Video Content Marketing Strategy

1. Optimizing your Video Content

You can optimize the video content with effective How-to Videos where you could
explain the product usage and other related benefits.
Tressemme has done this very effectively with videos explaining ways to style your hair and a Channel Gadget for conversions.

2. Optimize Content with Video Ads on your channel

Develop ads for the range of products that can be used to showcase different variants and highlight the product features that are targeted at a specific audience.
The official Mini Channel has several videos with ads and content for each of the cars highlighting key attributes.
It is important to highlight Call-To-Action which can be successfully done through annotations, call-outs and title sections in the Video Ads.

3. Optimize your Video with SEO on Search Engines

Buy the relevant keywords that your Target Audience is most likely to search for. Place the ads right next to the videos. YouTube users engage with brands mostly to learn about products and services (61%), keep up with brand-related activities (41%), and provide feedback (23%).YouTube search ads yield a better Click-through rate and are seen as more cost-effective.

4.  Create Social Media Campaigns with Links to YouTube videos

A large percentage of views on YouTube are generated by Social media sites which in turn improves the YouTube Search rankings. Social media outreach for your video content can improve views for YouTube search results organically and also the virality and shareability of the content may determine the success of your video content.

5. Optimize YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is strong in How-to Content and follows different rules than the traditional SEO.

Factors affecting Search Ranking on You Tube SEO
1. Video title
2. Total number of views for the video
3. Recent number of views the video got
4. Video Tags
5. Number of links from external sites
6. Number of times the video has been embedded on other sites
7. Description Text
8. Video age : Older is better
9. Transcription texts
10.Total number of views of You Tube Video Channels

6. Brand your YouTube Channel Page

Branding on your Channel Page and optimizing Keywords in Tags and Channel descriptions improve the search ranking. Create Playlists as they help find and prioritize the content according to the interests of the viewers.

7. Generate Insights for Content

Know your audience and their interests and develop a Wordcloud depending on the interest of your key target audience. Understand their interests and use insights to formulate your video Content Strategy and build the keywords for SEO in your video description.

8. Manage and publish Calls-To-Action

With the new YouTube One Channel you can annotate and place texts as well as edit frames to introduce your product features and calls-to action to increase your website visits.

Source : Pixability