Brands Use Insights to Redefine User Experience

beachAs the customer path-to-purchase gets redefined in a Multi-Channel and a Multi-device environment Brands are adding newer features to increase both online and offline sales by redefining user experience with newer features.

Categories that have a different path-to-purchase with a different number of days and the channels that are used to reach the final decision, could look at offering features to redefine User Experience.





Google has added the Instant Buy Feature to its Google Wallet App that allows customers to checkout in two easy steps with an introductory offer of 5% discount on your hotel booking with a coupon code.

The key reason for introducing Instant Buy has been to reduce the Mobile Shopping-Cart abandonment which is at 97%.

Expedia has introduced Instant Buy feature within google Wallet that has reduced the Hotel or Flight booking process to simple steps:

Check the box for your preferred Hotel  or Flight Option after configuring your account


Confirm the purchase and avail the discount with the coupon code and Get the booking confirmation


The feature is aimed at primarily reducing Mobile Shopping Cart abandonment and increasing repeat purchases from existing users.

The feature accelerates the customer decision-making and at the same time enhances the Brand Experience.

Source: ,  YouTube

Image Courtesy of Michal Marcol,