Global Digital Audience and Channel Insights From Turn’s Global Digital Audience Report

The Turn Digital Audience study from Jan-March 2013 has unravelled insights into the world’s most valuable digital audience for different advertising channels: social, video, display and mobile.

As brands and agencies work with technology providers to drive cross-channel marketing initiatives, global digital advertising spend continues to grow, and is projected to reach $113 billion this year. And much of that spend will go to automated and data-driven advertising, delivering maximum scale and ROI to marketers. A recent IDC report estimates that by 2016, worldwide real-time-bidding (RTB) spend will increase to $13.9 billion and the “big data” market will grow to $23.8 billion.

Key Insights

• The Digital Elite see 24 times more ads than the average consumer, putting them in such demand that marketers are willing to pay an eCPM that’s 85 percent higher than average in order to reach them.
• Mobile ad impressions remain inexpensive due to concerns about a reliable ecosystem and standards for anonymous data tracking.
• Social advertising is cost-effective and immensely popular, with Turn delivering billions of impressions per month.
• Display advertising and online video advertising continue to dominate, with advertisers paying a premium to reach consumers through familiar, big-canvas formats.

Who are the Digital Elite?

They are typically aged 21–34, live in cities, and love foreign travel. Earning more than $76,000 a year, they’re fond of gadgets and upscale brands such as Banana Republic and Sephora. They have diverse media tastes, enjoying public radio but also Family Guy, Elle, and GQ. You’ll find them at concerts, bars, and clubs.

What’s important is to know that they command a premium over other Digital Audiences and advertising to Digital Elite means paying 85% higher eCPM.


The most popular ad formats


Comparison of Ad formats


The most popular video ad formats are 15 sec and 30 sec pre-roll and what works is 15 sec pre-roll.

Global eCPM averages across Mobile, Social, Video and Display


Video gets the highest eCPM with over 70% of video ads being in $8-$12 range

Source: CIO White Papers,Turn Global Digital Audience Report Jan-March 2013
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