Video Content for Audience Engagement

videosVideo Content can be used for Audience Engagement where the messaging is woven in your Content Strategy. An effective Video Content Strategy could mean looking to the content that will engage your audiences better.

Here are some examples with possible categories that Brands could look at building the Video Content Stream.

1. Education and Entertainment

Target your message for a segment as can be seen in the video below that is targeted specifically at the youth with an overriding message of “Saving on a Regular basis”. The message will be seen as a message that educates a segment of the population as a part of Financial literacy program and at the same time creates a connect with the youth with the fast paced film with an animated character.

An interesting Video Content piece with a message for the youth to save on a regular basis.All this great stuff is part of a national campaign sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and The Advertising Council. The goal of the campaign is to encourage and help Americans aged 25 to 34 to take control of their personal finances.

2. Experiential

The experiential type of Video Content builds on the experience of the Brand or Service. Examples for this type of video content will be showcasing an airline service or a brand experience. The video packages a holiday tour in Costa Rica.

3. Thematic

To build the Brand Personality so that it resonates with your target audience brands can effectively engage thematically with a series of videos that build characters in a certain setting to create timeless bond, as in the Chanel film by Karl Lagerfeild, Behind the scene.

4. Entertainment

Video Content for entertainment can introduce the Brand with a known film that is likely to be released soon as in the case of Axe Internship series. This has been done with a series of ads that announce the Rules for First Impression Playbook and the release of the new movie.

A good example for connecting with your audiences could be link to a seasonal promotion with a Brand Contest or offers.

5. Advertising

Product ads introducing products with product benefit centric ads seem to engage audiences if the visuals are gripping.

6. Launch Events

Video Content could be a launch event or a commemoration of an event such as opening of the store or a surprise customer event.

User Generated Content for any of the categories above can be added to the channel Stream to boost audience engagement.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles,
Videos courtesy of YouTube