Five Ways to Create Digital Experience for your Brand


For Retail Brands User Experience remains key in delivering brand value. Brands are reinventing  Digital Experience creating more customized experiences for audiences which could vary from offering unique product features such as “Amazon’s Instant Videos” and enhanced customer  engagement on social networks with brand contests to interactive experience with live streaming.

Five ways that Brands have created Unique Digital Experiences

1. Create a Live Stream of Events with Interactive Experience

Top shop has created live stream of the real-time SS-13 catwalk show that delivers the show to the website real-time where users can try out the look, make-up and even purchase apparel during the show. The unique part of the experience is that it is customizable and delivers live streaming of the show.

2. Curate Content to offer an experience that matches the Customer’s Lifestyle Goals

National Geographic has an experiential Brand design that offers curated environment and educational destinations. National Geographic’s offering has expanded from a lifestyle publication to include a TV channel, educational website, museum, and a store that nurtures lifestyle interests and offer products that match lifestyle goals.

3. Match the Content and Layout to Audience’s Desires

Etsy with its rich interfaces and interesting browsing options (color, time spiral, local) stimulates exploration.

Brands that recognize the strength of their experience lies in differentiating based on audience desires and not the range of products and services, tend to offer more customized experiences and allow for customers to test products online prior to purchase. The experience can be built with free music downloads and video content showcasing the benefits of the products as well as the how-to videos.

4. Focus on Consumer Engagement

This can be done by using content from the Brand Site to Social Media sites. One of the Case Studies has the following aspects of Consumer engagement to enhance the Digital Experience for retailers.

Create a campaign that allows for Greater Audience Participation such as allowing Audience to choose a winner and feature the same on a social media site.

Followers were asked to vote for “real life” models for American Eagle’s spring 2013 campaign. The winners are featured in video profiles on the blog, their top product picks are displayed on Pinterest and they appear on the site as product models.

Another feature for greater audience participation could be Peer-to-peer customer support and advice. “Ask & answer” app on Facebook gives shoppers the ability to seek and give information not included in brand-supplied product content or customer reviews.
By showcasing user-contributed content – both for answers as well as questions – merchants demonstrate a willingness to let followers help shape brand identity and provide a unique, deep information resource.

5. Product features that are unique to your brand build lasting value.

Amazon instant video has become a differentiator for a brand and led to consumer moving from Apple to Roku “Roku is also easier to navigate, provides a better search function and, best of all, finally delivers Amazon Instant Video to my big screen.”


Image courtesy of and Marcus,