Visa Retunes “Flow Faster” Campaign

“Consumers still want a clear brand promise and offerings they value. What has changed is when—at what touch points—they  are most open to influence, and how you can interact with them at those points. In the past, marketing strategies that put the lion’s share of

resources into building brand awareness and then opening wallets at the point of purchase worked pretty well. But touch points have changed in both number and nature, requiring a major adjustment  to realign marketers’ strategy and budgets with where consumers are actually spending their time.”

The Visa  “Flow Faster” campaign has shifted creative focus to communicate the brand as an innovation leader in payments space to make the consumer feel confident, agile and nimble by using the service and showcasing newer payment technologies.

The ad with an upbeat music score shows gradual transformation with the protagonist becoming younger and more energetic through the use of Visa’s different payment technologies, including online, contactless, chip and pin, and mobile contactless.

The campaign has been designed to build awareness and confidence in newer technologies with humor in story-telling that builds connect with different audience segments. The key objectives are to build awareness and confidence in newer payment technologies and influence adoption of the same.

It is intended to encourage card holders to think beyond traditional payment methods, either by paying for things in a new way using Visa, or by adopting new technologies such as contactless, mobile and e-commerce payments.

Visa has seen its brand equity reach a historic peak and the recently published 2013 Brand Z study saw Visa become one of the world’s top ten most valuable  brands for the first time.

Source: Visa Europe , HBR