Advertisers and Publishers Zoom in on Native Sponsorship Ads

Native Sponsorship Ads in Digital is on the rise as most publishers seek revenues beyond the traditional banners. This is often seen in the form of logo placements and native executions such as sponsored columns or stories in Buzzfeed, WSJ and NYT, and has seen a growth in Publishers’ revenues and Digital Sponsorship Advertising Spend with  Tablet usage on the increase.

Though the estimate excludes cost of creative production for the digital formats used in Sponsorship ads,  it includes costs associated with sponsored stories including Facebook Sponsored Stories.

eMarketer has based its estimates of digital sponsorship ad spending on the analysis of reported revenues from major ad-selling companies; data from benchmark sources the IAB and PwC; estimates from other research firms; consumer internet usage trends; and eMarketer interviews with executives at ad agencies, brands, online ad publishers and other industry leaders.

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