Digital Video Ad Campaigns Shine with Targeting and Content

Coca-Cola won the Creative Marketer of the Year Award at Cannes Lions and one of the recent campaigns was targeted at teens with a Digital only Marketing strategy.

Key Highlights

1. A purely digital and social campaign that engages teens on their smartphones wherever they are.

2. To drive engagement, Coca-Cola is partnering with sites like media company Alloy Digital, digital video publisher Break Media, music video website Vevo and video site Smosh.

3. The company has also designed specific experiences in association with customer partners, including Slurpee Sucker and Can Cans with 7-Eleven, Fry Choir with McDonalds and Mobile Ahh Giver with Target.

The campaign uses the URL along with and so on with each succeeding “H” in the URL ushering in a new experience. The URLs get longer and longer throughout the campaign. So far, there are 17 “experiences” available.* The campaign has generated engagement with the teens where snackable size of content reinforces the Ahhh effect that you get with Coca-Cola.

Brands are looking at Video Ads for awareness building, engagement and response advertising. According to eMarketer, the response driven ad spend for Digital video is likely to increase due to better targeting, measurement and scale/reach.


Targeting seems to be the key reason for  digital video ad success. The highest percentage of marketers (87%) said targeting was an important factor when planning a digital video campaign, just ahead of those who cited reach (85%) and content (81%).

The study also showed that viewers may simply have a stronger reaction to video ads overall, whether  good or bad. More consumers reported having a positive attitude toward ads in original streaming content (25%) than in TV programming (22%), as well.


Source : YouTube, ClickZ and eMarketer

*Coca-Cola worked with Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Ore., to create the campaign