#Real-time #Twitter #Advertising Yields Results

“#WantThatHair Twitter program delivered an estimated 41.9 million impressions in three days. Meanwhile, Pantene and #WantThatHair received an estimated 28 million impressions on Oscar Sunday. It also drove a Promoted Tweet engagement rate of 4.7% that blew Twitter’s CPG benchmark of 1.5% out of the water.

At the peak of the night, #WantThatHair was being mentioned 350 times per minute and Pantene was mentioned 35 times per minute. Pantene (a nonsponsor) had 120-plus-percent lift vs. a sponsor brand that showed a 74% lift [according to data from BlueFin, a social TV analytics company].” – Rotha Penn, Communications Manager, US Haircare
Procter & Gamble’s Pantene

Pantene’s #WantThatHair program was targeted at the audiences that were following the Oscars on TV and was aimed at creating relevance with conversation centering around the Red Carpet look creating relevance for Pantene products that can help you get the look.

It’s no longer that only TV Advertising with hashtags are synchronized to track the conversations that are taking place real-time and promote products , Twitter TV Ad targeting allows brand programs to be customized based on Insights generated from Twitter conversation.

Award Winning #BestNightEver campaign from ASOS , Online fashion retailer, won a Media Lion in Cannes this year for its global digital Christmas campaign. Using the#BestNightEver hashtag, the campaign helped drive more than £5m worth of sales.

Example of a Tweet from the campaign that seeded video attracting audiences to join the conversation. Social Networks such as YouTube can create a Buzz for the hashtag as can be seen from #BestNightEver campaign.

.@EllieGoulding has joined the party. Watch, shop, and listen to her jamz to get ready for your #BestNightEverhttp://t.co/xEyKPA8B

— ASOS (@ASOSNovember 5, 2012

To gain insights for your real-time marketing campaign, join the conversation and watch the celebrations unfold on #MacysFireworks

Source: eMarketer & Twitter Advertising & YouTube