Viralize Your Brand Message Using Social Mobile Video Apps

imgsomovoSocial Mobile Video Apps, Instagram and Vine with Visuals and  Videos engage users and fans, packaging your brand’s message in a short time span and can Viralize your brand’s message on Social networks.

Promoting your brand using Social Mobile Video requires making your message exciting and rewarding. Here are seven steps to guide your Social Mobile Video branding and messaging.

Make your Message Relevant

A Vine success story from Peanut Butter Co., a small American peanut butter company with 12 employees, is remarkable for incorprating a reward in a short span of six seconds. The brand shared a video on National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, showing fans how to make a great PB&J sandwich. The Vine below is a more recent Tweet for Fourth of July.

The six-second clip, which ends with a frame of a downloadable coupon, went viral with more than 300,000 views.

As a result of the campaign, more than 6,000 coupons were downloaded, demonstrating that educational brand Vines – even if they simply show people how to make a sandwich – can lead to some real return on investment. (Source – Sparksheet )

Promote Relevant Content with a Reward

In the example above the reward was a downloadable coupon. In the examples below the idea is to engage users with newer sandwich ideas that spark conversation amongst recipe seekers.

Have a Fun Approach

Ideas that work on Social Mobile Video are very different from what may work in a static image or a post format. It requires to be more fun as the viewer attention span is short and viral video may serve as a break.

Promote Social Mobile Video on your website

You need to engage users on a recurring basis and the best Vines can be displayed to engage users over a period of time by showcasing the best Vines or Instagrams on your website.

Fashion is about  models, photography and striking visuals. Burberry used Instagram as part of its marketing in Milan for their fashion runway event titled “Come Rain or Shine”. It involved the following key tactics:

  • Posted Instagram photos leading up to the event to build excitement
  • Shared photos “behind the scenes” at the event including catching up with a few models
  • Published photos of the collection to Facebook and Twitter
  • Created an interactive experience at for those that missed out on the fashion show. They also used the Instagram API to pull in the feed of the photos of the event to integrate with the website. (Source – Jeff Bullas)

Create a Content Marketing Plan for Social Mobile Video

It may require more than an episodic Tweet or a Post to create a community of Mobile users that engage with your Tweets and Posts on a recurring basis.

A Content Marketing Plan will help you create a community of followers and users that will make your ideas go Viral.

Promote and Distribute Social Mobile Video using Promoted Tweets and Facebook Promoted Posts

With a hashtag different from your Brand you could use your Social Mobile Video as a way to create buzz by targeting the Vine or Instagram  to followers of a competitive brand or users with similar interests as your current follower profile or even a new audience segment that you may seek to attract such as the Digital Elite.

Optimize your Social Mobile Video

Use Keywords to optimize it for Search Engines including YouTube and other publishing platforms that are dedicated to Social Mobile Video.

Images Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono, & Vine