Adidas’ Twitter Campaign

ImgtrophyAdidas UK gained 35,000 new Twitter followers during Wimbledon 2013 with clever branding, celebrity endorsement and messaging prior to and during the Championships.

“The combined organic and paid for activity helped @AdidasUK to gain about 35,000 new followers and emerge as the number one brand people were mentioning on Twitter during the Wimbledon final.” – Gordon Macmillan


Highlights of the Campaign

1. Real-time game with giveaways of signed Merchandise for the Top 100 entries promoted with #Hitthewinner

2. Celebrity endorsements with Promoted Tweets by Andy Murray

3. Branding and Promotions with the Hashtag clearly mentioned and tweeted to followers of @adidastennis.

The Tweets were promoted in Timeline and Search and the Tweet mentions for Hashtag #AllinforMurray was at 20.400 compared to 14300 mentions for #Allforthis for the Champions League. #Hitthewinner, Real-time game generated 8000 mentions.

Source : Twitter Advertising, Image courtesy of Victor Habbick,