Made for Music Campaign Makes Waves

Budweiser launched a Global Campaign starring Rihanna and JayZ set to a Retro theme with Black and White tones.

“It begins and ends with what you make”, is the Creative Strapline tapping into creative spirit of Global generation.

Thirty second spot featuring JAY Z amongst a host of creators and artists from around the world, is set to JAY Z’s “PSA” and was shot by director Mark Romanek. It captures the creative spirit of a global generation, showcasing the many ways people create and are punctuated with a bold super that expresses the ethos of the work, “It begins and ends with what you make.” The spot featuring Rihanna is set to Rihanna’s new hit single “Right Now” and shot by  Mark Romanek.

The film has been executed to make the content relevant and relatable globally tapping into the love for Music and a build up with  the messaging of work ethos. The Film’s context builds toward careful planning while giving greater control to the audience with the  Strapline “It begins and ends with what you make”, tapping into the energy and passion people bring to life in their every day lives.

Source: Budweiser Channel, YouTube