How do you target Millenials and GenZers with Video Campaigns?

Millenialsinsights“Smart and funny is the New Rock n Roll” – Nick Shore, MTV
According to the World Fact Book, the median age of the world population is 28, which falls within the Millennial generation and there are 1.8 billion Millennials around the globe. As the first generation to grow up inherently digital, it is also a group that has information at its fingertips and expects two-way dialog with preferred brands. Millenials are born from 80 to mid 90’s. Millenials expect Brands to be friends and 80 % of them expect the Brands to entertain them as much as they want to co-create and share their experiences with friends and family.*

Gen Z is the first generation born into a digital world. While there’s no one commonly
accepted demographic definition, they are generally considered to be born in the mid-1990s
through 2010. They are true digital natives who have grown up in the age of technology. The
only world they know is a digital one — where they can connect anytime, anywhere, and to
anyone. They are the First generation to consume more media online than offline.

Gen Zers are likely to be early adopters and as they spend more time online, the strategies that will work with them should focus on:

New marketing and sales channels like interactive online media portals
 • Virtual world based marketing
 • Detailed product information and the ability to easily make purchases online

Cheetos introduces Mix Ups in a Co-promotion with Despicable Me – 2

Media Habits of Gen Z

Nine-in-ten of these GenZers (93%) say they visit YouTube at least once a week and 54% visit multiple times per day, while just 65% say they visit Facebook weekly and only 38% visit multiple times per day. Other social media services some visit on a weekly basis are Twitter (26%), Google+ (26%), and Instagram (17%).
Some contribute to share their knowledge, others just like to share their opinions with others. Among those who contribute to websites, 60% like to share their knowledge with others and 55% say they like to share their opinion with others. Only 31% of those who contribute to websites do so in order to feel good about themselves, and even fewer do so to show that they are smarter than others (14%). The top two reasons for contributing are that doing so is entertaining and fun (70%) and that they like to learn new things (64%).
Their influence on friends & family purchase decisions vary by category. When it comes to entertainment, they influence parents most for movies (16% say they influence their parents ” a lot” when it comes to movies) and friends most for video games (38% say they influence their friends “a lot” when it comes to video games).
These GenZers have especially strong influence on packaged/fast foods and technology brands: 47% say their advice has had “a lot” or “a little” influence on a purchase of Apple® iPad®, 40% say the same for OREO®, 40% for SUBWAY®, 38% for DORITOS®, 36% for MOUNTAIN DEW®, and 35% for Pizza Hut®. Low on their list are eco-friendly products and wholesome foods or beverages.**

American Airlines introduces Tripp in Disney’s Planes

Key Takeaways

1. Publishing content that is Relevant and Targeted for the Millenials and Gen-Z in social networks where they are most active is essential for building awareness, outreach and engagement.

2. Co-promoting brands with themes that are more engaging for Millenials and Gen Z such as Movies, Shows and Game Publishing platforms.

3. Advertising relevant content within the context and relevant keywords such as Trailer Ads, Gaming reviews engage Gen Zers.

4. “Smart and funny is the New Rock n Roll” Nick Shore, MTV for Millenials who are connected with their friends on social networks and look at sharing as a way to being connected and empowered. Millenials are goal oriented and expect messaging to be fast paced.

*  Read more on Millenials; **Read more on Generation Z