Building Brand with Mobile App Engagement for The Retail Mobile Shopper

mobileappsAccording to a research report, understanding Mobile Path to Purchase in Retail, Mobile now represents a significant portion of Online Retail Shopping with one-third of retail activity being attributed to Mobile devices. Location is the most important factor for Smartphone shoppers while Price and Deals are Top of Mind for the Tablet users. Amazon is the leading Mobile Retailer with 55% of Mobile Retail Reach online and Amazon App represents 79 % of  Retail Mobile Web App Minutes.

Apps have the highest engagement rate with 70 % of web time being spent on Apps, compared to 30 % on the web. The Unique Audience reach for Apps is at 38 % and monthly time spent on apps  by the retail user is at 46 mins. Android devices contribute to 64 % of the mobile monthly time per person.

60 % of Smartphone Retail Usage is Outside-home while 83 % Tablet Retail Usage is In-Home. 40 % of users used Mobile exclusively to make their purchase decision.

For marketers trying to figure out how much of their advertising strategy and media dollars should be devoted to mobile advertising, it’s natural to turn to “traditional” metrics like CPM and CPC. Fiksu has analyzed more than 2.4 billion app marketing data points from the campaigns of global app brands and, with the exception of social media, it’s very clear that mobile is significantly cheaper than traditional channels like online, outdoor, or broadcast.

To understand the metrics for measuring Mobile App engagement which is different from conventional metrics that look at CPC and PPC. The data points in the infographic from Fiksu and may differ from research quoted above.

For details on the Mobile Path To Purchase, the infographic gives the details on targeting the Smartphone and the Tablet Retail user.

Key Takeaways

1. Retail Mobile user needs to be targeted with different Apps for Smartphones and tablets as their usage varies.
2. Retail brands need to focus on unique path to purchase for Smartphone shopper as the information needs are more location and map focused.
3. For brand engagement with Mobile Apps , there is a requirement for metrics that measure brand engagement on Mobile Apps which is not the same as Mobile or Web Advertising.

Source : xAd/Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study: Understanding Mobile’s Role in the Consumer Path to Purchase – Retail Edition, Fiksu
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