Growing your Fans on Facebook


1. Make your page interesting

Start with a Timeline cover that gets the message across, and a profile image that communicates your brand identity.

2. Create Epic Content

Epic Content requires that it creates engagement within a context. If there is a campaign that you are running with a contest you could build an invite for an event as a prize for the contest. Epic Content should be relevant in a context. Here is a fun way to promote a range of chocolate blocks.


3. Invite and tell your friends

Facebook gives an option to invite friends in the Admin Panel. Do not spam at the same time,
invite your friends with an offer they can receive upon participating in a contest.

4. Network to grow your fans

Set up interest lists in your News Feed to find content and connections that you want to network with and filter out the noise.

5. Run Contests

Be creative with your contests with the tips shared here

1. Make your prize relevant so that your fans and community want to talk about it.2. The contest design should attract the relevant Target Audience.
3. Add Share Links as you would like to viralize your content.
4. Keep it short and exciting so that you can get maximum entries within a short 
5. Use tabs and third party apps and ensure you comply with Facebook guidelines

6. Host webinars or post interesting video content that brings viewers to sign up for your page.

7. Facebook Ads can get you traffic beyond a promoted post and bring audiences with a targeted campaign and Mobile App Install ads.

8. Create interesting content threads.

Interesting content can mean starting a conversation around a Topic as in the case of Target’s campaign. Target with #summer posts poses interesting questions as seen in images below.

Can you identify the sound of summer?



9. Add Facebook like box to your blog or website to encourage more likes from your visitors.
This can be done with a Facebook plugin and customize the same for your website.

10. Add Quality content to engage quality fans and create an engagement circle that will make your posts relevant and keep bringing your fans back to your Facebook page.

Source: 10 Steps to Your First 1000 fans on Facebook by Jo Barnes,
Jeff Bullas’s Blog
Image courtesy of Target Facebook News Feed and Woolworth’s Australia Fresh Foods