Retargeting with FBX News Feed Ads Improves ROI

Adroll study for FBX News Feed ads found that in the first 7 days after advertisers launched, News Feed ads helped raise total clicks from FBX advertising by 62%, and CPC on FBX for these advertisers decreased by 30%.


FBX News Feed Ads though, are less than 0.5 % of Total Ads, account for more than 15% of the clicks.

AdRoll found that FBX News Feed ads:

  • had a 21 times higher CTR over web retargeting
  • had a 49 times greater CTR over the Facebook sidebar FBX ads
  • had a 79 percent lower CPC than web retargeting
  • had a 54 percent lower CPC than the sidebar
  • had a 77 percent lower cost-per-action than web retargeted ads
  • had a 45 percent lower cost-per-action than Facebook’s sidebar
  • raised total clicks from FBX advertising by 62 percent

Adroll looked at the campaigns of 547 advertisers running over 1 billion impressions across FBX News Feed, FBX right-hand side, and standard web retargeting campaigns. This sample was made up of advertisers from all verticals with budgets from less than $1000 per month to over $20,000 per month. Here are some of the most striking findings:

 News Feed retargeting had a click-through rate (CTR) 49x higher than RHS and 21x  higher than standard web retargeting
 News Feed CPCs were ½ that of RHS campaigns and 1/5 of web retargeting
 News Feed grew from 0% of our overall clicks to 15% in one month
 News Feed and RHS complement one another and result in an overall increase in 
 clicks at a combined lower CPC
 News Feed alone doesn’t have the reach or scale of RHS or standard web, and 
 should therefore be used in conjunction with the other channels
 News Feed has different applications from RHS. It’s ideal for content marketing 
 and promotions (which can capitalize on social features) while
 RHS is best suited for dynamic product ads driving direct response.

Example of Facebook Retargeting Ad


FBX is an ad exchange that lets advertisers buy ads on Facebook on an impression-level basis. RTB-based ad exchanges are growing in influence in the ad world.

Some of the Best Practices for Retargeting Campaigns are Frequency Caps, Untagging the user after purchase, relevant and engaging ads, keep the copy minimal and design simple. Use bold colors, concise copy, and clear calls to action with big, clickable buttons.

Source: Inside Facebook & Retargeter