Steps to Creating Facebook Ads


Creating Facebook Ads requires more than cleverly crafted ad copy. Here are some creative ideas and tips that can help you create Facebook ads for results.

1. Uniqueness works in Facebook Advertising

Featuring a funny novelty tee or quirky uni-tasking tool might get a great click-through rate, but it will most likely not attract the kind of customers you want – those that repeatedly come back to your website to make purchases. It is important to feature items that will bring in customers for uniqueness and will ensure they return for utility.

2. Price Point

Products that have middle-of-the-road or near the average item price on your website
typically perform best. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that cheap impulse purchase
items can lead to customers who may not return frequently.

3. Trends and Seasonality

Don’t forget to mine your own data to determine what the hottest sellers are on your site.
Is there a specific product category that consistently outsells the others?
A particular brand or even color that is trending? Use that information to guide your
product selection process.

4. Images Engage

Close-ups of brightly colored products on a white or neutral background are ideal in terms
of getting your product in front of users quickly and succinctly.

5. Iteration works

As there is a cap on News Feed Ads it’s important to keep a stock of images and ad units to iterate and keep the creative fresh.
When you are changing creative it’s important to keep in mind the type of copy and offers that work best with your audience and your category. If you are introducing a premium range it may work better to promote it within a context  rather than price discounts.

Optimize your ad creative with new guidelines from Facebook.

Source: Nanigans
Image courtesy of Target Take-OFF and Disney’s Planes