How do you Promote Music Video on YouTube?

ladygagashotLady Gaga’s newest release “Applause” has over 30 Million Views in the week of official release and has stacked over a million social shares as the Music Video has gone viral.



How do you Promote Music Video on YouTube?

Promoting your Music video on YouTube can get you results with an added benefit of earning ad revenue.

Steps to promoting your Music video on YouTube and Engaging your Community of Fans

Create Effective Titles and Tags

Use Heavily searched terms with specific keywords and include song title, names and album titles.

Build Outreach with Tent Pole Programming and Get Ahead of the Buzz

Use the “Explore” tool at to gauge how much early and sustained interest there is around an event.
Release tent-pole related videos several days before an event. The “pre-buzz” leading up to an event is just as important as (or more important than) the actual event.

Create promotional and supplemental video assets

If you’re releasing a new album, produce the following types of promotional video assets:
• Trailer, teaser, or promotional video for song or album
• Interviews, making-of and behind-the-scenes video content
• Album sampler. Make the video interactive by utilizing annotations .

Calls To Action

Watching video online is an interactive and social experience. Content creators rely on the actions of their audience to help them succeed – but many viewers won’t act unless you prompt them. Your videos should have specific Calls to Action (CTAs). CTAs should be minimal and simple; too many prompts can cause confusion. Make it as easy as possible for viewers to act such as click on the iTunes link.


Identify channels that have an audience you’d like to attract and add these channel as “placement targets”.
Identify subjects your new audience would be interested in and add these as “Interest Category” targeting.
Create a channel trailer that tells the user why they should watch your channel and use this as a TrueView In-stream ad.
Create TrueView In-Display ads using your most popular and well-optimized channel video.

Unlock the power of the YouTube community

Ask your fans to create remixes or covers of your songs.
Use your social media presence to spread the word.
Solicit comments, favorites, Likes, Shares, and subscriptions from YouTube influencers.

Host a Live Event

YouTube Live lets you livestream large music, news, and cultural events, and interact with
your fans in a way that’s not possible with regular YouTube videos.

Think about your YouTube Live event in stages:
Before the event
During the event
After the event
Before a Live Event

Live events appeal to your most engaged fans. Remember, a livestream is only viewable for a limited time period, so make sure your audience knows when to tune in and include a valid URL in your messaging.


Create and manage playlists to provide a programmed, extended viewing experience, as well as make the content easily searchable for your audience.

Get the Word Out

Create a blog roll: a comprehensive list of sites, blogs, online influencers and niche online communities that are relevant to your content.
Pitch new videos to your blog roll. Be strategic: Topical content is typically most attractive to these sites.
If you’ve created a video playlist for a tent-pole event, share it with blogs, who often want groups of videos about trending topics.

Build Relationships

Keep track of which sites are driving views. Share new video with those places first, and let them know they’re getting the inside scoop
Build relationships with blog editors. Thank them when they repost and only share video content that you honestly think they’d want to share with their audience.

In-video collaboration

Collaborate with other musicians and/or YouTube channels with similar styles and
audiences. Artists that tour together are good candidates for cross-promotion.
Appear as a guest star on other channels,including non-music channels.
Offer your musical talents to non-music channels, e.g. create another channel’s theme
music, or help a channel produce a music video or musical parody.
Include CTAs for viewers to visit and subscribe to channels you support.

Source: YouTube, Image courtesy of Video Release on YouTube