How do you Optimize Video for Search Engines ?

voilaappimgVideo Optimization for Search Engines can be done by optimizing the text and meta information for the Video as the search engines cannot read Video file.


Use Relevant Keywords in text and information

Rich content increases users improving relevancy and page rank. Clickable and shareable links create greater engagement.

Length of visits improve page ranking

Longer visits via highly engaging video content can yield higher conversions. This varies
across categories but the search statistics show that viewers are 64 to 85 percent more
likely to buy after watching a product video.

Embedded Video Links create greater relevance

Embedded video links create more relevance about your site to users. Embedding video presents a great opportunity to build your site authority, your brand digital footprint.

Basic SEO best practices get better search results

Unique, short, keyword-rich URLs; target key phrase in title; no iFrames; analytic tracking enabled; sharing widgets utilized; cross-channel promotion and proper meta data are some of the best practices for SEO.

Videos embedded with Rich Content improves ranking

Embed video on a page with existing content for added value and engagement.
Combine Videos with text, images, and diverse media on a page, the better it will appear
to both the algorithms and potential viewers/customers.

Optimize with Positive Keywords

Get increased SERP “share of shelf” with optimized search terms. For better results focus on
positive keyword intent including informational keywords (not transactional) help your
video gain credibility.

Create Video Site Map

Create and submit a video sitemap. Include a unique title, description, embed location,
thumbnail, and content location for each video on your site. Make sure the keyword phrase
and description matches the content on the page where your video is embedded.

Video Tagging with appropriate Phrases

Get a rich snippet in organic search through video microdata. Mark up the page with proper
video microdata from and/or video schema providers. Video tagging must be highly relevant for the entered key phrases including the thumbnails.

Turbocharge with Social Media

Social media is the fastest way to turbo-charge interaction and site authority. Creative social
media content will boost engagement, return visits, and viral sharing.


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