Insights from Digital Video Ad Campaigns

186 million video impressions served across online and mobile video for CPG advertisers were analyzed and the key findings from the study indicate a strong lift in sales with Audience Reach and Completion Rates being the key metric.

Sales Impact, Videology’s ROI Attribution and Tracking tool for measuring the lift for CPG brands links online and mobile in-stream video advertising to offline purchases. The key findings from the CPG campaigns analyzed are:

1. All Online video ad campaigns drove a lift in sales with the video ad exposed group, ranging from 4 % to 35 %.

2. Across CPG Campaigns, Purchasing Households that were exposed to Video Ads in comparison with the control group, were 9 % to 28 % more.

3. The Unit velocity increased from 8.5 % to 30 % for the exposed group.

4. Completed views and total reach were the two most important metric leading to increased sales. CTR was not associated with a lift in Sales.

Source: Does it move soap off the shelves ? Measuring Digital Video Advertising’s Impact On Offline CPG Sales

Video Courtesy of YouTube