Facebook Gives Incremental Reach for Campaigns

FacebookpopulationreachWith the growing multi-screen phenomenon, there has been a  shift in media viewing habits and Online media has emerged as cross-media vehicle for reinforcing messaging. Facebook has become a primary reach vehicle for 18-24 year age group.

Digital Advertising online offers incremental reach and dual exposure:

1. Digital publishers with vast reach and high-quality demographic data, such as Facebook, are important for reaching audiences especially 18-24 year olds.

2. To increase in-target reach it is important to look at both TV and online giving your brand dual exposure.

The Key findings from a report “Understanding Online’s reach potential“, Facebook is clearly important for delivering impressions in digital for all audience groups during week days.

1. TV is more effective at reaching all audience segments during primetime
hours when compared with daytime hours.
2. Facebook exhibits relatively consistent reach across both daytime
and primetime dayparts.
3. During the weekday daytime hours, Facebook achieves a higher reach
than the TV networks for every age cohort containing persons younger
than 55, while during primetime hours, each of the four TV networks
achieves a higher reach than Facebook in each age cohort except for
‘Persons 18-24’.
4. Mobile can also offer incremental reach for both online and TV, and is
another way for fully integrated plans to achieve highest reach results.

To optimize spend, brand marketers can find value in digital channels
that can complement TV. The success with which online advertising can optimize
reach within an advertising plan can be measured in two ways:

1. Incremental Reach: Portion of audience reached only on digital platform
2. Cross-media Reach: Portion of audience reached on TV and digital platform

Facebook adds significant incremental reach when looking at individual
networks for the daytime daypart and significant cross-media reach during
primetime for these age groups. During the day, the Facebook-only reach
addition to network audiences ranges from 37 percent to 41 percent. When
looking at these same demographic groups during primetime, the Facebook only
reach ranges from 15 percent to 28 percent, while the cross-media reach
is much higher, ranging from 22 percent to 36 percent.  

Incremental reach from Online channels can get large brand marketers better returns with appropriate measurement metrics.

Some of the Metrics in the infographic below are a good way to measure Facebook Advertising Performance.


Source: Nielsen  & KenshooSocial