Brand “Nike” leads with Digital Initiatives

Nike has launched campaigns and retained Digital focus to become the market leader. The elements that have shaped Digital Strategy for Nike.

1. Launched Nike Digital Sport and Soccer Technology Lab where you can shop latest innovations at Nike Soccer Innovation lab. Nike has launched Tech Pack the latest innovation collection that is available at select retail stores and online.

Nike Digital aims at that aims at developing devices that allows users to track their personal statistics where more than 5 million runners now log in to check their performance but bigger than that is the entry to the digital realm.

2. Nike has moved from a single hit commercial to several initiatives including the tech-pack collection, performance-tracking wristband, a 30 billboard that posts fan headlines from Twitter, or a major commercial shot by an Oscar-nominated director that makes its debut not on primetime television but on Facebook.

3. Nike is going where its customer is. And its core customer, a 17-year-old who spends 20% more on shoes than his adult counterparts, has given up television to skip across myriad online communities.

4. Nike has extended Brand Strategy to Digital campaigns by identifying themes and personalities that will carry the brand story forward

5. The Ad Campaign “Just Do it – Possibilities” marking 25 years,  takes the approach of making the viewer the hero with a campaign that encourages viewers to take on the stars. Nike advertising uses the emotional branding technique of Heroism to inspire incredible customer loyalty all over the world.

6. Nike takes the step forward with consumer experience led strategies with creative mobile engagement to connect digitally with the consumer.

Key Digital Initiatives from Nike

Source : Feature in CNN Money, The Drum and Using Emotional Branding in Nike Advertising

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