Music Apps for Targeting Millennials

songza Flurry has shared a peek into the life of a day of US Adult Mobile consumer, using a random sample of 15,271 U.S. iOS users.
App usage steadily increases over the course of the day and ultimately peaks in the evening.In an app-centric world, the mobile advertising spend and advertising for your brand needs to be synchronized with the app usage and the context within which you want to promote the brand.


Millennials use mobile music, media, and entertainment apps about 75% more frequently than the other age groups.
They also use social and photo sharing apps almost 20% more than the other age groups.
Millennials under-index for games, utilities & productivity, and news & magazines.

When broken down by gender, Millennial males index more than 100% for Time Spent in music, media, and entertainment apps vis-a-vis the other age groups.
Millennial females spend roughly 25% more time in comparison with older age groups.


Brand Advertisers are beginning to tap into opportunity offered by music apps with native advertising options.

Songza has developed advertisements for Taco Bell, Samsung, Nissan, and Vitaminwater, in native format. This takes the form of sponsored playlists of about 50-60 songs, paired with banner advertisements and a 15-second video at the start.

Songza gives advertisers’ playlists a spot as one of their six selection options; on a Sunday morning, “Getting Hyped With Taco Bell” sits beside “Drinking Gourmet Coffee” and “Falling Back Asleep.”

The new Songdrop app supports music/video from YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Vimeo — with most of the same feature as the desktop Web version. Along the lines of a ‘Delicious for music‘, Songdrop lets you bookmark, organise and share music from disparate sources such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Vevo, and various blogs.

Source: TechCrunch and Flurry