Facebook Mobile App Install Ads with New Calls To Action

Mobile app ads can keep existing users active within your app, even after they install. You can now use deep-links for your mobile app ads, letting you direct users to a customized, specific location inside your app, such as a sale, promotion or specific content such as a new album or hotel listing.

The idea of re-engaging users is a familiar one in online marketing. On Facebook, that can now take the form of targeting users who have already installed a mobile app and then presenting them with custom calls to action. The options include general actions like “Use App” and more specific ones such as “Shop Now,” “Book Now,” or “Listen Now.” Behind the scenes, an advertiser can deep link to a specific area in the app itself.

Advertisers could take advantage of the new options, in the following ways

  • A retail app wants to drive existing users into a current sale or promotion
  • A game wants to bring existing players to updated levels
  • A music app wants to bring listeners to a new playlist
  • A travel app wants to promote discounted fares and getaways

Source: TechCrunch and Facebook Blog