Social Media for Engaging Sports Fans

Catalyst’s fourth annual fan engagement study surveyed 2,100 sports fans between the ages of 16 and 64. That group encompasses fans of the NFL, MLB, NBA, college football, college basketball and soccer.

The study may not be representative of all who follow sports in Social, however the key pointers for engaging Social fans are effectively outlined.

Here are a few of Catalyst’s most interesting findings:

Nearly twice as many respondents use Facebook compared to Twitter, at 73% to 37%. But on game day, they check Twitter about 1.5 times as often as they do Facebook.

Google+ and YouTube are on the rise among fans. When fans responded to a question about which platforms they use to “disseminate and acquire sports information,” those two platforms showed the most year-over-year growth, at 94% and 35%, respectively.

Seven out of 10 sports fans who Like or follow a brand online say they’re open to sharing brand content, buying goods or engaging with social posts.

Catalyst has shared infographic for Sports Fans Digital Media Habits


Source: Mashable