Digitally Engaged Audiences Are More Likely To Visit Your Stores

fashionimgDigital Marketing has influenced shopping behavior in the offline world with retailers seeing higher in-store visits from the audiences they engage with digitally.

According to a report by Placed, 43% watch TV programming on their smartphone/mobile phone, topping computer (38%) and tablet (26%) viewing.
People that watch TV shows on digital devices (i.e. smartphones, tablets, computers) showed a high likelihood to visit electronics retailers.
These viewers were 9% more likely to visit Best Buy and the Apple Store than an average U.S. consumer, with both stores indexing at 109.
Respondents who watch TV via smartphone/computer/tablet displayed preferences to visit certain retailers including Sports Authority (index 114), Macy’s (110), and Gap (109), indicating advertising potential for these brands across digital platforms.

Leveraging the world’s largest location panel, Placed Insights measures over 100 million locations a day across more than 100,000 U.S. panelists who have opted-in to share their location, creating the most comprehensive view into consumers’ behaviors.

As Digital viewing habits change retailers are increasingly relying on Social Media and livestreaming to reach the Digitally Connected Audience.

Fashion bloggers now have front row seats at  top shows, and fashion lovers around the country consume every moment of Fashion Week via live streaming, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and more.

The top brands are frequently becoming the first to embrace social and digital platforms and trends. In fact, many fashion brands were among the first to start using Instagram as a marketing platform.

Here are some ingenious ways brands are using social media to engage the connected shopper.

Source: Postano, Placed & Macy’s