Real-time Socializing Increases Reach for TV Shows


Audiences are engaging in show conversations on Social Networks while viewing TV and engaging in real-time conversations. Nearly twenty percent read comments and conversations about the show and as high as eight percent write blurbs on the programs they are watching.
Content Strategy for TV programming goes beyond channels and interaction points could include apps with 6% checking on their favorite shows on apps.

Facebook and Twitter have launched ad products aimed at tracking real-time conversations making it easier for marketers to understand audience engagement. Brand Marketers can make real-time connect with social viewers for their favorite channels and programs.

Younger audiences are more engaged and tend to follow conversations and engage in activities such as writing blurbs on their favorite TV Shows.


An eMarketer analysis of other surveys conducted in 2013 indicated that 15% to 17% of TV viewers engaged in real-time socializing about the television shows they were watching.

Nielsen has shared Twitter TV conversation trends and the audience reach that Tweets tend to achieve. Audience Reach is far greater than the authors which proves virality of the content.


Source: eMarketer, Forbes and Nielsen Social Guide